Arielle Penn ,LCSW

Quality Care

The first step of seeking support is picking up the phone and to know that you will be received with a non-judgmental, authentic attitude and provided a safe place to meet your individualized needs and to facilitate the growth that you desire to be the person that you are meant to be.

I have fine-tuned my clinical skills over the past 25 years and have been helping clients to take charge of their emotions and rise to new heights by focusing on their strengths.

Let my experience OF BEING A SEASONED CLINICIAN facilitate the change that you desire UTILIZING the most evidenced based treatment modalities. I only want to start where you are .

Since the age of 16 , I have always wanted to help people with their problems which led me to this profession . I am passionate about what I do and only want to facilitate growth so that you may live the best life , the one you desire.

We all have human frailties and often learning what makes us unique is the first step toward accentuating your strengths.

I have worked at the following facilities:

Private Practice - adults, baby boomer's, anxiety, depression, ptsd, anxiety, depression, toxic relationships, grief and loss, old , gender and discrimination issues, infertility, infidelity adolescent development , parenting, mental health issues, aging, menopause and LIFE COACHING.

Children's Hospital, Los Angeles -ER, working with crisis, loss and death.

Bellevue Hospital: working on a residential teaching unit and working wit some of the most renowned psychiatrists.

population:chronically mentally ill

Vista Del Mar: residential treatment facility for adolescents.

Adolescent Eating: teaching adolescents and parents healthy eating for their children and boundaries.

Pine Grove Hospital: aged population and their families in dealing with Alzheimers and mental health issues faced by aged population.

Los Angeles Dependency Court and Los Angeles Family Court: investigator on both legal panels to help with family reunification and ensuring the safety of children in foster care

Prominence Tx Center: substance abuse and mental health issues - program and clinical director.

Passages Tx Center : quality assurance

Journey Malibu: clinician and admissions Director for substance abuse and mental health issues

Cliffside Malibu, Sunset Malibu, Cliffside Malibu I,II and III- Utilization Review Director

Aetna Healthcare : Utilization Review Manager -ensuring those served are getting the best care and linking client's with services to best meet their needs .

I take pride in all that I do and hope that you will allow me to partner with you to build a life that you desire.

USC, graduated MSW , LCSW